Tips by PPC Expert India – Surge the online business sales

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Tips by PPC Expert India – Surge the online business sales

Pandemic has turned things upside down. Every business was running smoothly until February; suddenly, the pandemic has crippled the lives of people and businesses. It has become difficult for online markets to get quick sales these days. If you are uncertain over what to do in this situation and looking to increase your online business sales, read on this article. I will give you some tips that spell magic on your online business.

I am Anuj, a seasoned PPC expert in India who works relentlessly to help online businesses get a sea of traffic and a whopping sales number. I hope my efforts to cumulative the tips for boosting the sales would be helpful for you all.

Tip 1: How to cut down the bid
These are the effective methods that you can embrace to cut down the bid:

Select the keywords that have the location name. When you insert this keyword in the ad that you are targeting in a specific location, your ad will appear on the top. It helps you to cut down the bid.

Use Ad scheduling
You must know when to get huge traffic to the website and schedule the ad at that particular time. It helps the target audience to reach you with ease. Prepare a sheet with the key performance indicators (KPIs) to check from where you are getting the sales. You also need to observe the impressions and clicks. Ensure that the clicks are helping you generate a good number of sales.

Use negative keywords
When you are starting a business, you must rule out the negative keywords. For that, you first prepare a list of negative keywords and insert them in the negative keywords section of the Google Adwords page. If you are not aware of the negative keywords for your business, perform a broad match, and gather the negative keywords from the search term.
Use keywords with low bids
You must look for the keywords that have less competition and high conversion rates. There are many keyword tools available. The best one is

Use long-tail keywords
Along with the keywords, you also need to insert long-tail keywords. You can search for these phrases using the Google Keyword Planner tool. You can specify the keyword and look for the lengthy-phrase for the keyword that is appropriate to your online business. You can find many more relevant long-tail keywords for the business when you copy and paste this phrase in the search bar.

Tip 2: How to improve quality score
Promote ad copy with a theme-based keyword
If you want to improve the quality score, you must insert a theme-based keyword in the title and description of the landing page. The main keyword must be added to the title, description, and link of the ad copy.

Improve the landing page
The landing page must be appealing to the audience. It should have all the information that the person is looking for. The content must be fresh and informative. Try to write theme-based content and give a solid call-to-action button in the place where the focal point of the audience goes.

Make the ad group with appropriate ads
The ad group must have ads that belong to a specific niche. If the quality of the ad is poor, try to change the keywords in the ad copy.

Tip 3: How to improve the quality of calls?

Apply the URL
Try to add the keyword at the end of the URL or a call-to-action button. You can just use 35 characters to make a powerful message.

Experiment with the ad copy
The ad copy you write for the call-only campaigns must be crisp. There should be only 35 characters within which you must add a CTA that compels people to take action. You can include a keyword in the ad copy.

Begin with bidding high
If you are creating a call-only campaign, it is better to start with the high bids. Though it is risky, you get the information that is worth it.

Target call-centric keywords
You must target the keywords that are appealing to the audience and with which the majority of audience searches and have a high conversion rate. The keywords can be location-based if you are operating locally. When buying expensive products, people want to call and know more information. Call-only ads must also provide answers to prospective customers.

Follow a strategy to schedule ads
You must limit the call-only campaign to run during the business hours to answer the phone calls instead of making customers leave a voice message. You can take advantage of the time during which you receive maximum calls and adjust the ads to appear during that time.

Calculate the call-through-rate
You are spending money on every click of the audience, but not all clicks will result in a conversion. When people click on the call-to-action button on the campaign, the phone number appears on their dialer. You must know the number of clicks it is taking the visitor to the phone call. There should not be much difference between click and call.

Measure the call quality
When you want to optimize the bid, the number of calls you receive is not enough. You must just filter the potential calls. There are intelligent solutions available to track the outcome of the call. When you get to learn about the call quality, it gives you valuable inputs based on which you can optimize the bids. It is essential to measure the call quality without which, it results in ROI dip.

Retarget unconverted calls
You must retarget the calls that you are not able to convert into loyal customers through retargeting campaigns.
Tip 4: How to improve CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

Research long-tail keyword
You must research the long-tail keywords which are used by the customers when they know what to buy. The long-tail keywords are effective for businesses who want to improve their organic search results ranking. There are free keyword research tools from which you can find the long-tail keyword relevant to your business.

Write effective ad description
You must write an appealing and crisp ad description that provides relevant information to the user search query. You must have the keyword in the headline and description of the ad.
Bid bumping
The bid bumping is an effective tactic that allows you to keep up the high average position despite lower bids. You can pay high initially and get high CTR. Later, you can low the bids. It eventually reduces the CPC and conversion cost.

Tip 5: How to improve Google Ads structure

Invest time to structure the account
You must revamp the structure of the website. When the website structure is perfect, it becomes easier to structure the Google Ad account.

Perform keyword research

When the account structure is ready, it is time for you to embed the ad groups with appropriate keywords. You must do the keyword research and choose the ones that are not so competitive and have a too low-quality score.

Create the campaign

Map the Google ad structure to the keyword list to create a campaign. You must target the ads in the appropriate locations. You must set a budget for the campaign.

Create the ad group and text ad

You must create an ad and add that under the ad group. Ensure that the headline and description do not go beyond the prescribed limit. The ad text must have relevant keywords in the headlines and descriptions with a link to the landing page. You must follow the Google ads approval guidelines to get the ad approved.

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