Use Social Media and Improve Your Upselling.


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SEO Expert India

Your audience may be turned in your clients – Nurture Your Audience & Explore your Business.

Social media is always changing, and social media marketers need to stay on top of these changes. However, the core business principles stay the same.

If you crave to boost your business, Listen carefully to your audience, This system should be installed in every step of your business strategy, from analysis to customer maintenance.

I will Advise pay attention, and respond to your customers carefully. and if you listen to your customers carefully, It will back to you in unexpected ways.

  1. You will be able to understand what product you should highlight first.
  2. How to set your upselling.
  3. Forget about the surveys and feedback forms – social listening gives you access to unfiltered opinions, shared online organically.
  4. Ask your audience alike in your business and transform feedback into feedforward.
  5. Streaming enables you to react immediately to what’s going on, connect with your audience in a relatable way, and show them that there’s a real person behind the brand.
  6. Follow the steps taken by your audience during their purchase journey and remove hassles.
  7. 2020 will be the year of micro-influencers. So be proactive to connect with them.
  8. Mastering social media algorithms is a good goal for any year, but if you haven’t done it yet, now is high time to board on this mission.
  9. Create a strategy for the returning clients you can send them different offers every time they visit your website, Google ads may help in this case.
  10. you can’t just ask people to like and comment on your posts. You need to come up with engaging content, in line with algorithm shifts, to optimize your results.

Anuj Kumar – Digital Business Strategy, Planning and Execution Consultant.


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