How to share a post on Facebook and LinkedIn, which can drive traffic to your website? 

PPC Expert India
PPC Expert India

If you want traffic to your website, then you need a pure content on your blog. The blog title should be so Cathy and attractive that people click on it effortlessly. Your blog should start with a clear objective, and your flow of content never loses the melody of the theme. You can choose your blog title by tools like; uber suggest or you can go to to get an idea about the content.

You can ask the following questions in your title:

  1. How to get more traffic by Facebook posts, sharing on; groups and pages?
  2. How to drive traffic by LinkedIn to your; blog or website for free?
  3. How to increase blog title click-through rate by using the Uber Suggest tool?
  4. Facebook Post Sharing techniques that can double your blog traffic?
  5. How to write engaging content, to drive more traffic by Facebook and Linkedin To your website?

You can add the preceding questions to your blog, to form more interest in your content. When you will add questions to your blog and give answers to all questions in detail, with points, it may be possible that the user ask queries on Google and google bot find the best content or the best answer, in your blog and you got awarded by ranking for this demanding query many times.

Now, We come to the point of, how we can share our content on Facebook which can be viral or share much time on Facebook?

First not just share the link on Facebook. Write content that should be a pain point of many users on Facebook Or Linkedin. Answer the questions with points, use interesting and easy words to write your content. Make a cover for your blog post, in which Your Expertise Should reflect.

Make a Title & Description Which can attract multiple audiences. Share only a few most important parts of your content in your cover to reveal to them the importance of content. If you use these tips then I’m sure that your content will share on many groups and pages by your audience. you just need to give them a reason to share it.

Following is the reason you will get an advantage if you share this content.

  1. When you will share the content you will always be updated by the latest trend.
  2. When you will share refreshed content then your audience will come to know that you are updated in your domain.
  3. If you will share refreshed content always you get more followers.

So keep sharing the content and be part of the community – PPC Expert India

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