How to generate free unlimited leads by using twitter marketing?

How to generate leads by twitter?
How to generate leads by twitter?

Are you using Twitter for lead generation, or are you wasting the potential of your social media followers?

A lot of people still love the platform as a way to create buzz, find information, deliver customer service, and network with influencers and followers.

And you can still make sales on Twitter, too. According to Twitter’s statistics:

  • 66% of people have discovered a new business on Twitter
  • 94% are planning to buy something from the businesses they follow on Twitter
  • 69% of people have bought something as a result of a tweet.

So you can not underestimate the power of Twitter to market your products or services.

I will discuss here how you can get leads through Twitter.

  1. We assume that our target audience or niche is Coach and trainers, and we have to target this audience. The first thing you can do is follow these people and make a list on the bases of their concerns.
  2. If these people tweet about their product or service and you have large audience support you can mention it in your tweet, which can grab their attention towards your profile.
  3. You can analyze their profile and measure the results of their tweets if they are not up to the mark you can send them a helping hand, you can explain to them how they can get better results by same or other services.
  4. Use advanced search to find an audience of this niche. You can find trainers in a particular location, who are asking for recommendations, support or want service related to your specialty.
  5. Use proper #tags and define your service in detail specifically for the particular realm.
  6. Establish two-way communication with your viewers, and if possible ask them the easiest availability option of them.
  7. Always close with open-ended questions, so that you can open a channel for communication later.
  8. Retweet sensibly and show your expertise in that as it can tempt more customers or clients for your business. Sometimes, you can retweet for second-degree connections, and surprise others by a few words.
  9. Once you establish communication, send them your offer directly, and tell them, how can you boost their business? in a particular period.
  10. After that, you can send them to your landing page where you can explain more about your expertise via video or content and convert them as your clients.

Conclusion – Users want to interact and engage with their favorite brands on Twitter.

People all over the world are tweeting about things relevant to your business.

The trick is learning how to filter those results to generate leads.

Use the Twitter advanced search queries to do this.

If I can find more customers for my business using twitter then you can also find many here.


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