How to achieve quality leads by using Facebook in 2020?

How To generate leads By Facebook?
How To generate leads By Facebook?

You can understand the power of facebook by these statics. 500 new users sign up for Facebook every single minute. For 67% of marketers, Facebook is the most important social platform. Now, You can understand how Important is facebook for: sales, marketing, and branding. In this article, I will show you, how you can optimize your Facebook profile and pages, to get quality Leads for sure.

  1. Profile Optimization – For profile optimization, you need an attractive cover image that can reflect your personality. there should be a reasonable description of your expertise point to point, it will attract the user to use a call to action
  2. Second is Profile picture, It should be according to your profession. If you are a salon owner then it will reflect different, then a PPC Expert India. Remember a clear attractive image can help to establish professional relationships easily.
  3. Author BIO – In this segment, You have to mention your expertise and services in two lines, so this should be very reasonable also this section helps you to search your profile in facebook search results so select words accurately.
  4. Personal Information – Add your personal information with complete features, and link to all possible channels to it, like website, blog, skype id, the page you managed and other details. It will help you to get leads for your service or product purchase.
  5. Networking – Add people to your network that can add value to your business or you can learn from them; it is the easiest way to learn and earn. if they post any intricacy within your niche solve it without delay, try to do it, repeatedly, and you will set a self-brand image in your community.
  6. Post on facebook with tight content with Original facts. Try to solve problems and pain points in your post, believe me, it will work like magic. use proper hashtags so that your post reach may expand beyond your circle. I have more than 12000 business owners and Digital marketing Experts on my SEO page, and I’m getting good results from it.
  7. Post with a message button, so that the user can connect with you easily. Leave your post with open-ended questions so that people can respond to your post. It will boost your engagement too, and you will get assured results.
  8. Solve the problems of others and contribute to your community from your expertise, once you got succeed into it; you will get good results and many more option will open, once you will appreciate in your niche or community. you can be able to talk to the people of your community, about how your new services help them in their new business, or how your product profitable for their business in near future and believe me, they will understand on you and that is the key.

Conclusion – I build my page SEO a few years Back and getting good results by applying these methods and I just want to help you so that you can find the best of your hard work. Remember 93% of social media advertisers use Facebook Ads, why not you?


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