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Age: 35
Address: click-adwords 84-F Mayur Vihar Phase -1, Pocket-1 (New Delhi) – 110091
Email: business.online@live.in
Phone: +91-8130868573
Freelance: April 15, 2010
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Hi,’ I’m Anuj Kumar a digital entrepreneur, consultant, and strategist. I started my career space 10 years ago as a SEO Executive. After having my B.tech, I started digital marketing, and from then, I never look back. I worked with top-notch digital marketing firms like ONS Interactive Solutions, (ProfitbySearch.com), I2K2 Networks. Saffron Tech Pvt Ltd. & IT Chimes Pvt Ltd. and Sapient Nitro. In my tenure, I managed high budget PPC campaigns.

Age: 35
Address: click-adwords 84-F Mayur Vihar Phase -1, Pocket-1 (New Delhi) – 110091
Email: business.online@live.in
Phone: +91-8130868573
Freelance: April 15, 2010
Blog: Latest Blog

My name is Anuj Kumar. I’m a Digital Business Strategist, Planning, and Execution Consultant
First of all, I would Like to say NAMESTAY (Regards) to you, for considering my profile worthy to visit. Thank you so much for your kind attention. I shall advise you to read my profile carefully because here, I shall not display information about me, but I shall mention the solution to your problems.

I think You shall have some questions In your mind. I shall not here to prove myself, because It would better, my work speak Instead of my words.
I’m highlighting some problems here that I solved In my more than 10 Years of Experience.

I had a technical background so I might understand all the essentials of technical SEO. Apart from it, I had worked with a Brand Consulting Agency named Change you Media Comms. Where I was working as a social media strategist, and then I had become able to hold the power of social media in my brain and heart and that was the rise of a Digital Entrepreneur & Consultant. Following is My SEO Page & Linkedin profile where business owners ask their queries from all over the world.

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I think If I’m an expert in Digital Marketing than I must have Solutions for our client’s problems. Digital Marketing has only one objective, to enhance the client’s business according to his or her requirements, if you have the following problems, then we have solutions.

  • Are you struggling with your Google Ads Campaigns?
  • Do you want quality traffic to your website that can heighten your sales easily?
  • Do you want to fix your sales funnel and want more conversion in the same ads spend?
  • Are you imagining that you need to cut down your advertising budget?
  • Do you want to enhance your Return on Investment (ROI)?

I shall not prove myself, because these efforts can reduce reputation and I know about online reputation management.

No more promises because they generally break the trust. I just want to say that I have more than 10 years of industry experience and I learn in this time period that neither any business model nor any result can give you money. Only a satisfied and happy client can boost your business by his or her recommendations and I think it is the key to business.

We are looking for those, who to believe in honesty and hard work also we know the value of smart work…….

We will wait for your call or message –

Thanks Anuj (Business head at click-AdWords) and Team

– Work Procedure –

1. If someone calls us we ask him/her for their business details or website URL.
2. We arrange a discovery call for their preferred time to get all the information about their business.
3. After analyzing the business and get to know their business goals and objective we get their requirements.
4. After this, we calculate their advertising budget and divide it according to their requirements in Digital marketing portions.
5. If our clients agree with all the conditions we tell him that we will meet the target by this time period and for sure we will make a bond of trust and professional respect.

Problem Number One – Search Engine Optimization

1. How to highlight Unique Selling Point?
2. How to measure and define key performance Indicator?
3.How to calculate content marketing ROI?
4. How to select high conversion keywords?
5. How to create a perfect high conversion landing page?
6. How to Optimize Website for Mobile?
7. How to turn the table against your competitors?
8. How to gain more traffic and leads to the same budget?

Problem Number Two – Pay Per Click Advertising

1.How to cut down the advertising budget?
2. How to do A/B Testing Successfully?
3.How to Increase Conversions, CTR, with a low bid strategy?
4. How to convert an online user to clients by using effective content?
5. How to write effective ad copies for getting high CTR?
6. How to create brand awareness by display advertising?

Problem Number Three – Social Media Marketing

1. How to convert the cold audience into a warm or hot audience?
2. How to create a perfect sales funnel for more leads?
3.How to get low-cost quality traffic by Social Media?
4. How to do effective networking through social media?
5.How to use social media for personal & product branding?
6. How to create highly engaging content on Social Media Platforms?
7.How to create a highly effective content strategy for more & more engagement?
8.How to measure social media marketing succusses analytically?

• If you are working with the Digital agencies, and you are not getting the expected results than In this case you can change or you can discuss with me to observe all things and guide you for only one month.

 It will include errors of your website.
 Sales funnel optimization
 Research and guidance for right keywords
 E-commerce website audits
 Ask for the right reports to your agency.
 Strategy discussion
 Adwords restructure or error reports.
 Facebook ads optimization and observations
 Content composition strategy and guidelines
 Off-page analysis and cross optimization
 Landing page creation if necessary
 CRO optimization plan cross-checked
 Bid strategy optimization
 On page guidance and suggestions

• What are the benefits to work with me?

 No need to learn all things from scratch
 I will counsel to concern person for reports that are matter, for you.
 I will share with you, how you can cut down your budget and Improve ROI.
 I will guide you on which online marketing portion to invest and how?
 I will try to automate most of your ads and arrange for notification if any drop in campaigns.
 You will be able to track each & everything Clearly.

One week counseling only $70 for trial.
You can allow me to work on your projects along with my Team – Get a quote now!

Find me on Linkedin | Our International SEO Page

You can hire a Powerful digital marketing consultant for one month and get rid of all your problems.

– I’m focus on –

Video Marketing(VM)
Generate more buzz for your business and land more traffic and leads to your website with viral video marketing, crafted by our experts. Having extensive knowledge of video platforms like Youtube, our team can help you create videos that capture attention in seconds and earns you consistent traction of shares, comments and more traffic to your website. Boost average dwelling time on the website, improve SEO performance and more.
Social Media Marketing(SMO)
: Get your brand voice heard, develop the right messaging and start building a striking social media presence with our social media experts. Turn followers into brand ambassadors and boost your business authority via social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest. Continue building your social media presence with a content-integrated social media strategy that runs on autopilot and delivers. Run timely social media audits for all your handles, optimize campaign performance and more.
Pay Per Click(PPC)
Take complete control of your AdWords campaigns and never waste a penny again on ads that don’t work. Our PPC experts walk you through the exact process required to get the optimum ROI from your ad spends. With our professional AdWords services, target the right geographies that work; no matter the industry you operate in. Set up your AdWords campaigns for maximum success optimize & audit campaigns regularly with real-time reporting to get targeted leads for every dollar spent.
Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
Dominate the first page of Google and Rank #1 for keywords that matter for your business. Bring in a rush of targeted visitors month on month with our team of in-house SEO experts. Our professional SEO services are tailored to take care of both your On & Off-Page Optimization needs. We are always on top of Google’s latest guidelines and make sure you are always a step ahead of your competitors.

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