February 8, 2019

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Professional & Growth-Oriented SEO Services

Do you know the most crucial aspect of online marketing? It’s getting the right visibility in front of the right users. And, what better than betting on SEO that brings a constant rush of targeted visitors to your site and wins you more leads and sales? With web searches being more intent-driven, Google is paying incredible heed to user experience. If your website is optimized to rank higher in search engine rankings, you win. Slipping to the second page of Google rankings is equivalent to generating a handful of leads or sometimes, no leads. Your visitors are searching, and one of the best ways to be found is being on top of your SEO efforts. Although SEO is always a marathon and not a sprint, our SEO experts ensure you start off on the right foot and your website is always compliant to Google best practices, so that the flow of quality leads is unstoppable. We don’t aim to bring ordinary traffic to your website, but highly targeted organic visitors with a high purchase intent that have the potential to be your loyal customers. Also, our SEO experts are huge fans of White Hat SEO, so be rest assured that your website is immune to Google penalties.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Unearth the most profitable keywords for your business, rank #1 for highly sought after search terms and clinch web authority for your business. Our SEO strategy is based on sharp buyer personas and our team of SEO experts help you segregate keywords into different buckets to fit distinct stages of the Sales Funnel- Awareness, Consideration and Decision. We help you rank for business keywords that means you can attract visitors with a high intent to buy. Consistently track your search rankings and never miss out on a lead again.

Complete Website Audit

We ensure that Google loves your website and positions your business for even highly competitive terms above your competitors. Our SEO experts run multiple website audits every month to gauge your site health, fix crawl errors, do schema markups and improve the overall linking structure of your website to fetch higher search engine rankings. Our SEO audits check for over 100+ essential factors to stay compliant with Google guidelines and get rankings your business website deserves. Remove duplicate pages, improve page load time and more.

SEO Expert India

On Page & Off Page Optimization

Higher search engine positions are an amalgamation of the right On & Off Page SEO techniques. Our SEO experts ensure that your web pages contain the right set of keywords, meta tags, internal links and no broken links; each of which is required to create a positive user experience and dominate the first page of Google. And since quality backlinks are the cornerstone of high SEO rankings, we leave no stone unturned in building authoritative backlinks for your business by reaching out to webmasters, influencers and related websites via content partnerships. Our optimization efforts can boost your domain authority, so that Google gives you more weightage over competitor queries; both for local and international searches.

Monthly Tracking and Reporting

We talk the language of leads and conversions and we truly believe that your business deserves to be discovered by visitors from SEO-efforts. We do your best in aligning our strategy to your business objectives to an ROI level. And, our monthly tracking and SEO reports are only a reflection of how our SEO efforts are shaping up over time. Our team of SEO experts is highly dedicated to improve the flow of MQLs for your business every month, helping you further optimize your cost per acquisition.

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