February 9, 2019

PPC Service

Skyrocket Business Profits With PPC Services

How do you compete with the pros in your business? Thinking about SEO, Right? But, reaping results from SEO takes time until your business establishes authority on the web. An intelligent way to start getting more leads for your business is trying out Google ads and other PPC (pay per click) services. Paid search is the new-age way how intelligent businesses start generating leads. We are a full-scale adwords and PPC management services company that can help you carve out your ad strategy from scratch, create campaigns that work and target the right geographies that convert. Every PPC campaign is backed by several years of worldwide industry research and run by our certified adwords and PPC experts to ensure your ad spends deliver the best possible ROI in a given time frame. Not only Google, our PPC services also extend to Bing and even on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram ads. Our PPC approach is highly intent driven to ensure only targeted visitors land on your webpage, resulting in more leads and conversions.

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Here’s a glimpse of what our PPC experts can do for you:

PPC Consultant

Ad Copies

Ad copies displayed post a user search is a representation of what value your business offers. Our team of marketers have a proven expertise in writing time-tested ad copies with a high quality score that Google and other search engines notice and place your business above your competitors.

PPC Service

Paid Search Marketing

Our PPC experts will help you start your PPC campaigns from scratch, no matter your industry. We always aim to leverage the best strategy known to lower your Click Through Rates (CTR) and improve your overall ad conversions. Whether it’s display ads, text ads, dynamic ads or any other ad format you are struggling with, our PPC team has got you covered.

Landing Page and Conversion Rate Optimization

What your ad shows is what your landing pages must ideally deliver. Our team of search engine marketers can help you craft stunning landing pages that are perfectly in-line with your ads. No mismatch, whatsoever. We also perform mobile device optimization for your ads, so that your ads can convert well; even when your customers are on the go.

Ad Management and Reporting

Love transparency in ad campaigns? Even, we do. Our dedicated PPC experts track campaigns and run consistent PPC audits based on keywords, geography or ad group performance. Ads that work stays and the rest, we remove in no time before it takes a toll on your ad spends. We also share periodic reports to show how your ad campaigns are performing and what all steps can help you optimize your conversion potential. Last but not the least, we also do forecasting to optimize your ad spends in future.

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