November 21, 2017


Tulips India

I picked up the Tulips India project as they approached me about multiple concerns with search engine marketing strategy. The ad copies were not performing up to the mark, the ad quality scores were seemingly low and the ad positions were dominated by competitors. I started off by analyzing the problem and found that they were playing on the wrong set of keywords that was harming their ad campaigns. I identified keywords from the international geography that were easy to rank while having a decent click through rate. Keeping that in mind, my team re-wrote the ad copies and we revamped the entire bidding strategy. In no time, the conversions shot up by 25% and ad score improved dramatically. Tulips India quickly started acquiring the top ad slots for their respective keywords, thereby getting more clicks and conversions.

Adi Shopping

Adi Shopping seeked my help on revamping their Facebook and Google Ads. Although their site structure was decent, the average time spent on the landing page was impacting the ad performance that resulted with low clicks and poor conversions. During the consulting session, I carved a adwords-analytics integrated strategy to come up with multiple improvements to solve the problem. Firstly, I improved the ad relevance to the landing page and redesigned the landing pages for better appeal which immediately improved the average time on page. Plus, I reduced the number of steps in the checkout process depending on geographical behaviors. Both strategies worked wonders and their revenues improve by X percent and click through rates shot up by Y percent.

PPC Consultant

Divya Kit :

When I take this project the condition of the website was very poor the challenge was to Increase the relevant traffic to the website with some very specific keywords. I have to establish the brand image in INDIA so I run ad copies in English with some descriptive good extensions and I found that it is not enough then I go for Hindi ads and result was it have been boosted the calling from 10 calls/day to 60 calls/day and the CPC was quite low. Also on the demand of my client I run Call Only ads and kept the CPC low I run it in Metro cities and get desired results. When the business get grow and my client ask me to get more calls per day I go for display advertisement and run custom affinity ads with some very specific keywords and interest. I get magical results which are as following. The best part of the project was to get conversion in lowest price possible and we did it well result is my client get happy which is our ultimate Aim. – Anuj k

PPC Consultant Delhi