November 21, 2017

About Us

PPC Expert Delhi

My Story

After graduating in electronics, I started working with LG electronics as a process and quality engineer while enjoying a stable life. But, destiny had different plans for me and before I could fit-in to the cubicle life; I met an accident and lost my job. Struggling to continue working post the physical trauma, I was on the heights of hopelessness and despair. As I was exploring avenues that can take me out of the long standing hours to survive in the manufacturing process, a dear friend of mine advised me about starting a career in digital marketing. Although I was apprehensive in the beginning as it was a completely unknown territory, I decided to give a shot for an experience. And, there is no looking back since then. In my 8+ years of experience as a digital marketing professional, I have helped several small and mid-sized businesses manage their ad spends. Precisely, I have successfully managed ad campaigns with a combined worth of 20 million and still growing.

My data-driven and analytical approach to ad campaigns have helped my clients optimize their ad spends and extract optimum ROI from every penny spent. After testing my skills in the advertising arena for a while, I decided to work on my entrepreneurial dreams with a clear-cut vision to help small and mid sized businesses accelerate their growth via highly effective and efficient digital marketing methods.

My Personalized Approach

There is a common saying in the ad industry, “ A penny saved is a penny earned.” Venturing into digital marketing is often an overwhelming experience for businesses looking for sustainable growth. Especially for small businesses trying out digital marketing for the first time, the primary metric is pretty clear: ROI. Therefore, I believe in zero fluff and every strategy under my belt has a sharp focus on the ROI requirements of my clients. That’s where I rope-in my experience and promise what I can deliver and deliver what I promise to my clients.


Why You Must Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant & Strategist for Your Business

Growing a business is no cakewalk, especially when you are only starting out. While your core focus should be perfecting your products or services, a digital marketing consultant or strategist can do the heavy lifting required to attract targeted customers for your business, thereby contributing to consistent growth. All you need to know is the right traffic sport to play in the beginning. Search engine traffic, given its high intent, can help you bring in a rush of quality leads who are actually willing to pay for your services and not window-shopping. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo can help you drive relevant traffic to your website and we can help you get optimum visibility via SEO and Pay Per Click services; which is our forte. Figuring out your business strategy and brainstorming marketing simultaneously can be a painstaking process. For a smart start, you can choose to spend more time on your business while hiring a qualified PPC expert or consultant in India who can sail your marketing in the right direction, reduce your advertising budgets and increase your sales month on month.

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