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Dominate the first page of Google and Rank #1 for keywords that matter for your business. Bring in a rush of targeted visitors month on month with our team of in-house SEO experts. Our professional SEO services are tailored to take care of both your On & Off Page Optimization needs. We are always on top of Google’s latest guidelines and make sure you are always a step ahead of your competitors. Optimize your web content, HTML source code, conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your website and more.

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Take complete control of your adwords campaigns and never waste a penny again on ads that don’t work. Our PPC experts walk you through the exact process required to get the optimum ROI from your ad spends. With our professional adwords services, target the right geographies that work; no matter the industry you operate in. Set up your adwords campaigns for maximum success, optimize & audit campaigns regularly with real-time reporting to get targeted leads for every dollar spent.

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Get your brand voice heard, develop the right messaging and start building a striking social media presence with our social media experts. Turn followers into brand ambassadors and boost your business authority via social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest. Continue building your social media presence with a content-integrated social media strategy that runs on autopilot and delivers. Run timely social media audits for all your handles, optimize campaign performance and more.

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Generate more buzz for your business and land more traffic and leads to your website with viral video marketing, crafted by our experts. Having an extensive knowledge of video platforms like Youtube, our team can help you create videos that capture attention in seconds and earns you consistent traction of shares, comments and more traffic to your website. Boost average dwelling time on website, improve SEO performance and more.

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Anuj Kumar

“Without facts and principles, data is useless.”
Digital Entrepreneur. We help people & Organizations grow and accelerate their businesses

Hi, I am Anuj, a certified search engine marketing expert and a digital marketer by heart. After a generous start in the digital marketing space 8 years ago, I discovered that there is a need for change in the way digital marketing is done by various industries. After trying my hands on different digital marketing domains; I figured out that there is a serious dearth of PPC Management services in India and PPC experts are hard to find by. During my experiments with digital marketing, I realized that ad campaigns are something that can quickly turn me into a PPC expert in Delhi and surrounding areas; owing to the shortage. I quickly got my hands dirty in Search Engine Marketing and set a goal to master different ad networks like Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Yahoo ads. Since then, I started offering my PPC services in India and have successfully managed multiple ad campaigns, setting them from scratch and managed ad budgets with a combined budget more than 10 Million in total. Throughout my journey, I have helped several small and medium sized businesses to start their ad campaigns from scratch and help them get the optimum ROI that they truly deserve. Being new to ads, organizations are quite apprehensive about trying experiments as there is a risk of ad budgets going down the drain. So, my forte includes ad PPC campaign management, writing persuasive ad copies, improving quality score of ads and improving the CTR. It’s essential to implement the right traffic strategies and that’s where I excel in turning your ROI dreams into reality.

Be genuine, Be nice, Know your audience.

Anuj Kumar

Anuj Kumar

Digital Entrepreneur
We help people & Organizations grow and accelerate their businesses.

Gaurav Singh

Search Engine Marketing Expert
We help people & Organizations grow and accelerate their businesses.


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